About Steve

Steve Acho is a Detroit-based singer-songwriter-pianist. He honed his stage skills performing standup comedy starting at the age of eight, and continued through high school. He taught himself to play piano, after being inspired by a Billy Joel concert his parents took him to. A self-taught singer and piano player, he began performing in coffee houses, restaurants, bars, and private events in the Detroit area starting in 1993.

Since then he has since entertained audiences from New York to California, and across the world from Italy to Australia and Japan, including Japanese TV. His music has seen over 50 million downloads and streams.

His music has been featured on local and national radio and TV. He is a favorite on local morning shows, including Mojo in the Morning (Channel 955) and Jim Harper in the Morning (105.1fm). Steve has been featured performing the national anthem several times before Detroit Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings games. He has shared the stage with Eddie Money, Mitch Ryder, 2014 Top 2 American Idol Finalist Jena Irene, and many others.

His performances at corporate events across the U.S. include original songs tailored for each event, company or person (including former Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally).

He has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for numerous charities. Among many other charitable ventures, he donates all proceeds from his Christmas album each year to feed the needy in the Detroit area.

“Steve’s music is a favorite with our listeners as well as in our studio!” - Mojo (Host of Mojo in the Morning, Channel 955 FM Detroit)

“Steve’s music contains a soulful energy that makes me crank up the stereo and sing out loud. He won’t go undiscovered. People need music like this. His energy is sincere and contagious.” - Mike Kline (fan)

“An Internet sensation.” - Fox News

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find out where Steve is performing next?
A: 1) You could visit this website multiple times per day (probably a poor use of your time). Or…
2) Join the email list or…
3) Text “steveacho” to 411669 and get automatic performance updates

Q: Will Steve perform at my charity event/ fundraiser/ house party/ corporate event / bar mitzvah / Playboy party / Three Stooges Fan Club meeting?
A: Absolutely! Please click here for details. Pricing exceptions are made for charitable events and Playboy parties.

Q: Can I request that Steve perform in my town?
A: Absolutely! Please feel free to email info@steveacho.com with venue recommendations and your contact info.

Q: Where can I find Steve’s music? Are his CDs in record stores?
A: What’s a record store? Just kidding, sorry. My physical CDs are available at live shows. I’m always happy to sign them if you want to decrease the value. Almost all the music I have for sale is available in digital download stores for 99 cents per song. This includes iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, and just about anywhere else you can download music.

Q: I am too cheap to pay 99 cents per song that I like, so I steal music instead. Am I a bad person?

Q: Is it true that Steve does not read music?
A:I get lots of requests for sheet music for both my originals and covers. I never took a piano or voice lesson in my life. I never learned to read or write it. I just play it. Some call me a talent. The correct word is “hack”. Sorry I can’t get you sheet music. Maybe I’ll take lessons one day…

Q: How can I spread the word about Steve’s music?
A:1) Encourage friends, family, coworkers, ex-girlfriends, and enemies to check out my music on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.
2) Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Q: Do people really ask all these questions?
A:Yes. Except this one.

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